Book collects tributes of Noranians

This unique anthology in Filipino is composed of 49 essays by a varied cross-section of Noranians on their memories of the cultural icon that is Nora Aunor and their confessions of the compelling reasons that drove them to become diehard fans.

The contributors include TV host and columnist, Boy Abunda; overseas Filipinos like AR Y. Castro from Canada, Milagros Long from Japan, and Jojo Devera from New York; accomplished writers like Dr. Domingo G. Landicho and Prof. Danton Remoto; housewife Rosita Salazar; Nora impersonator Lady Guy; massage therapist Ofelia Arce; retail marketing CEO Tim A. Capellan; architect Marlon L. Antolin, and a host of others from all imaginable walks of life.

Most of the essays are funny, some poignant and touching, others are insightful. All are short, entertaining reads.

The keys to understanding the cultural phenomenon of Nora Aunor, her enduring popularity and influence despite roller-coaster ups and downs in her personal and professional life, may be found in this book. And to comprehend Nora Aunor and her iconic stature is also to begin to understand the complexity of Philippine society in our turbulent times.

The editor, Nestor De Guzman, is a Noranian in very good standing. A graduate of English Studies from the University of the Philippines Diliman, he is a member of Katorse Writers Group, a collective of young writer/filmmakers from the 14th Ricky Lee scriptwriting workshop.

Published by Milflores Publishing, Inc., Si Nora Aunor sa mga Noranian is available at all National Book Stores, PowerBooks, Books for Less, UP Press Bookshop, Fully Booked, and other major book stores in the Philippines. It may also be ordered online through